Club de l'Epagneul Breton of the United States®


Epagneul Bretons are not always recognized as  "brittanys" when found as strays and may not be reported to rescue organizations by animal shelters.

Our goal is to educate shelters about the breed; to locate and rescue purebred Epagneul Bretons from shelters and voluntary surrenders; to place them in foster care for rehabilitation and eventually in permanent homes; and to reduce the number of unwanted purebred dogs through education and rehabilitation.

See the French-Brittany-Rescue FACEBOOK page for information on dogs available.

Please contact our rescue coordinator:

• If you are interested in adopting a French Brittany (also complete and send the adoption application form below)

• If you are interested in being considered as a foster home or rehabilitation facility

If you have an Epagnuel Breton that you need to surrender

Dogs placed into the rescue and adoption programs may or may not hunt and may have special needs. Every effort will be made to match dogs with owners who can provide what they need; however no guarantees are implied.

Adoption Fees will apply to all dogs and will be based on the individual dogs available for adoption. Proceeds will be used to offset the costs of acquiring dogs from shelters, transportation, medical care, and some administrative expenses.

Rescue Coordinator:

Cindy Chase

W5749 County Road H - Phillips, Wisconsin 54555

Email: cindychase@live.com

Phone: (715) 820-3107